How can I check the processing of my order ?

Florist delivery
Thanks to our distribution network, we are able to deliver your order personally in over 150 countries, in just a few hours. In many countries, a delivery confirmation will be sent to you by email or text message within 24 hours. For countries in which automatic confirmation is not available, ou customer support desk will be contacted directly by the florist responsible for your order in the event of any problems, and you will be informed as soon as possible.

Delivery by post
Thanks to the postal service's efficient distribution network, you can follow your package through a tracking link that will be sent to you once your order has been shipped. 

What happens if the recipient is not at home/at the delivery address ?

Our florist member will attempt to deliver the flowers and will leave a business card, then the florist will attempt to contact the recipient later by telephone. If the florist is unable to deliver the flowers or to contact the recipient, the florist will inform us immediately of the non-delivery and you will then also be informed of this either by telephone or by email.

Where can I leave special instructions ?

If you have additional information about the delivery, such as a second telephone number or an alternative address, please inform us by sending an email to hc.sruelfsel@ofni and we will forward the information to our florist.

When will the order be delivered and at what time ?

We cannot guarantee the time of delivery. Our florist member will deliver the flowers during normal opening hours. Opening hours may vary slightly between florists. If your flowers must be delivered to the recipient at a set time, please send an email to us at hc.sruelfsel@ofni. Our florists will do their utmost to deliver the flowers at the time indicated.

How do I cancel an order ?

If you have to cancel your order due to unforeseen circumstances, please telephone us in Switzerland on +41(0)32 552 06 06 – please have your order reference number to hand, or write to us at hc.sruelfsel@ofni quoting your order number. Please note that this telephone number only accepts cancellations and cannot deal with any other type of order. No order will be accepted and/or delivered by our members by telephone.

How do I change an order?

If you have to change the delivery details of an order, please inform us by email at hc.sruelfsel@ofni quoting your order number. Any changes must be notified before the date of delivery otherwise the florist may have already delivered the flowers.

How do I know that LesFleurs.ch has received my order ?

LesFleurs.ch has registered your order as soon as you receive our order confirmation with the personal reference number. Please make sure that you have your order number available for any subsequent questions regarding your order.

How do I know whether my order has been delivered ?

Florist delivery
LesFleurs.ch guarantees delivery of every order on the date requested during normal opening times of our local florists. If for whatever reason it was not possible to deliver the order, our customer service will contact you as soon as the florist has informed us of an inability to deliver. In the absence of any telephone call or email from us, you can be assured that the flowers have been delivered with the high standard of freshness and quality which distinguishes LesFleurs.ch. If you believe that the order has not arrived, please contact us at hc.sruelfsel@ofni giving your order number and the reasons why you believe that the order has not been delivered.

Delivery by post
Thanks to a tracking link that will be sent to you once your order has been shipped, you will be able to follow your order's shipping status from A to Z. The tracking information will be proof of delivery.

What do the service charges cover ?

Service charges include:
  • fast processing of your order by our customer service
  • transfer of your order to the florist closest to the place of delivery (54,000 florists in over 150 countries)
  • a blank card for your personalized messages
  • processing of special requests by our customer service
  • personal home delivery by the florist

What methods of payment does the LesFleurs.ch website accept ?

LesFleurs.ch currently accepts the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Postcard (CH), payment against invoice (CH), prepayment and TWINT (the new Swiss digital wallet). Other payment methods are currently being examined. All information in the order are verified, and may be subject to a request for additional information. In such case, the order may be suspended.

How long do the flowers last? How do I take care of them ?

To keep your flowers fresh and so that they do not wilt too quickly, change the water or add fresh water every day. If possible, cut the ends of the flowers again while holding them in water. You may also add a sachet of floral preservatives to maximise their freshness and length of life. Place flowers in a moderate temperature environment and do not expose them to direct sunlight. This special care should allow your flowers to last for approximately five days.

When can I obtain personal advice ?

Our business hours are as follows: from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 midday. You may contact us in Switzerland on +41(0)32 552 06 06. Our customer service will advise you during our business hours as given above and will answer all your questions.

What information is necessary for delivery to a hotel ?

Please provide the following information: full name and address of the hotel – the telephone number of the hotel (if known) – the room number (if known) – the tour operator (if known) and of course please state the full name of the recipient.

What information is necessary for delivery to a hospital ?

Please provide the following information: full name and address of the hospital - the telephone number of the hospital (if known) – name and/or number of the ward or hospital department – maiden name of the recipient if the order is to the maternity department, and of course please state the full name of the recipient. Please note that some hospitals do not allow flowers in intensive care units. If this is the case, we will inform you and the florist will remain in close contact with the hospital staff so that the flowers can be given to the patient as soon as she/he is allowed to receive them.

What guarantee of quality is given by LesFleurs.ch ?

Our reputation depends entirely on the level of quality provided by all the members of our florist network LesFleurs.ch. This is why our organisation only accepts those florists who fulfil our demanding selection criteria (such as an excellent reputation of the florist’s shop and staff, the variety and the quality of the stock).

I have received several order confirmations. Does this mean my order will be processed several times ?

If you clicked several times on the button "Send my order", you will receive several confirmation messages. Do not worry - your order will only be processed once. Each order is processed manually and any duplicate orders are eliminated.

What is the LesFleurs.ch commitment to client confidentiality ?

In its commitment to confidentiality, LesFleurs.ch places great importance on the protection of your personal data. LesFleurs.ch collects and distributes information as follows. Our website uses "cookies" to know the current contents of your shopping basket. The cookie does not contain any personal data but only an identification code that allows our website to hold the data that has been collected when you move on to the next stage of your purchase. All the information contained in the cookie is deleted the day after your transaction. We do not transfer any of our clients’ personal data to third parties. On our website an order for goods and for services is carried out by means of an order report. The information held by the latter is used to despatch the goods and to confirm the order to our clients and, if necessary, to make contact with a visitor to the website. However, it is not used to send electronic messages nor information about our company unless the client has expressly requested this beforehand. The client may request her/his removal from the mailing list at any time. The credit card numbers of our clients are not stored on our servers. After each order the credit cards are immediately debited via a secure link with the credit card companies.

How do I proceed before placing an order and at what moment is it accepted ?

a) choose the destination country and if necessary the exact location for the delivery of your order
b) then choose a bouquet and click on the "order" button
c) choose a card to accompany the flowers and click on the  "order" button
d) under the heading "recipient" fill in all the mandatory fields (these are marked with an *) and then click on the button "next"
d') if you are placing an order for the first time on our system, please click on the link "register" and fill in all the mandatory fields (marked with an *) that appear under the heading "your details" and then click on the button "next"
- if you have already placed an order on our website, please identify yourself by filling in the fields provided for this and then click on the button "->"
e) check your order details, then select the desired method of payment, then click on the "order" button
f) when the page "Thank you for placing your order with us!" appears with your order number, you may then be assured that your order has been accepted by our system (you may print out your order confirmation number by clicking on the button "print")