Lesfleurs perfect present

Perfect present, the ideal gift

With a value of 50 Swiss francs (35 euros), this perfect present in the form of a credit card is delivered in an elegant cardboard surround.

It permits access to all of our floral products and accessories at our floristry partners in Switzerland or directly via our website.

It is transferable, can be combined and is valid for one year.

The perfect present, an ideal alternative to a bouquet of flowers as the recipient is free to choose her floral gift herself for whenever she pleases.

Accompanied by a box of chocolates or one of our accessories, it's the perfect gift.

You can obtain the perfect present at our website, exactly the same as one of our bouquets or from one of our floristry partners.

When placing your order, you have a choice of two alternatives:

  • The recipient receives the gift voucher directly, accompanied by a box of chocolates or other accessory and a message from you.
  • The gift voucher is forwarded to you, so that you can give it to the recipient personally.

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Lesfleurs perfect present