General sales conditions

Price of flowers

The price varies according to the season and the region. The price deducted is the current price of the florist supplier on the date of delivery.

The prices shown on include the current price of flowers charged by the florist and local sales taxes . A surcharge is made for the service charges throughout the world. This amount varies from one country to another. It amounts to CHF 19 for delivery in Switzerland (or the equivalent value in € or $, depending on the currency chosen at the time of placing the order). The amount is itemised on the order.

Before obtaining the price in the currency of your choice, a currency converter is available to help you. We only accept payment in EURO, CHF and USD.

Payment by credit card

A “currency conversion” function is available for your convenience. Only payment in EURO, in CHF and in USD is accepted. The exchange rate applied corresponds to the official daily rate of exchange. It may differ slightly from the exchange rate applied by your credit institute.

In the event that a different currency is billed by your credit organisation, the rate of exchange applied will correspond to the official daily rate of exchange applied by your credit card company.

Information relating to orders

All orders are subject to verification. This may involve a request for further information. In this case the order may be suspended.

Custom cards, images and content

The client certifies being the owner of the copyright, trademark and all other rights of the pictures submitted and ensures that they do not violate the rights of third parties, that no law for the protection of youth and no criminal law have been violated. The client is in all cases solely responsible for the uploaded content and assumes all costs of any potential claims from third parties against and remains answerable for any damage suffered by

Florist delivery

Thanks to our international network, we are able to deliver your order anywhere in the world and in the space of just a few hours. Due to the different time zones and the different opening times depending on the country, we cannot guarantee same day delivery. For the rest, please note the following conditions that apply to every order :

  • Your order is subject to individual acceptance in the destination country, this is on the basis of the opening hours as well as the public holidays in force in each country
  • On Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays, same day delivery of an order cannot be guaranteed
  • No guarantee is given for delivery to campsites, military bases, boats, ports or airports

For special orders or requests, please contact us directly.

Delivery by post

Thanks to the efficient distribution network of the Post Office, you will be able to track your postal consignment using a tracking link that will be sent to you when your order is shipped. In addition, the following conditions must be taken into account when placing an order:

  • if a shipment cannot be delivered (delivery address error, non-withdrawal of the package, closed company etc.), each additional shipment will be invoiced additionally under the same conditions as the first one.
  • the Post Office cannot guarantee the exact time of delivery
  • no refunds shall be made if the package is not picked up
  • the Post Office shall be entirely liable for any damage incurred. However, it shall not be liable in case of exceptional circumstances or damages such as waiting times or operating failures
  • the goods remain at the disposal of the customer 7 working days in our warehouses after return by the delivery company.

Gifts (chocolates, teddy bears, etc.)

Gifts are shipped to the florist directly by express mail. The florist receives the gift, then creates the bouquet and makes the delivery. Orders for gifts require a delivery period of 24 hours but it is possible that the postal delivery service will not adhere to the delivery time of the parcel containing the gift. It is therefore possible that delivery may be delayed. In any event, this shall not give rise to any claim for compensation.

Youth protection - sale of alcohol

The law prohibits the sale of wine, beer and cider to minors under-16s.
When ordering, you confirm that alcoholic drinks will not be used in illicit purposes and that you, or the addressee are at least 16 years old.

Correctness of the delivery address

Please ensure that the delivery address and the local telephone number included in your order are complete and correct. We do not accept any responsibility in the event of delay or non-delivery for reasons due to an incorrect or incomplete address. So that your order can be processed by the florist as quickly as possible, the following information would also be extremely useful :

  • For deliveries to hospitals, it is recommended that the department/ward and room number.are stated. We only guarantee delivery to the hospital reception desk
  • For deliveries to hotels, we recommend that you provide the room number as well as the name under which the recipient has registered at the hotel (couple, group etc.). We only guarantee delivery to the hotel reception desk
  • For deliveries to companies, our delivery personnel are not necessarily permitted to enter office areas. We can therefore only guarantee delivery up to the company's reception desk

Order confirmation

For every order you place, an order confirmation will be sent to you by email within a few minutes. The confirmation includes your order number as well as detailed information on the item(s) bought, the purchase price, the delivery date as well as the addresses of the shipper and the recipient.

If you do not receive an order confirmation, please contact our customer service directly.

Delivery confirmation sends an automated delivery confirmation. The information is sent by E-mail and/or text message; it is also available on your customer account. If you have not received confirmation by 10 o'clock at the latest one working day after the delivery, you may contact the customer service department by telephone or through the back office.

We shall accept no liability should customers enter an incorrect E-mail address. Duplicate orders or fake deliveries may be billed.


All the florists who are members of the network make every effort to ensure the satisfaction of the clients who have entrusted us with their order. For this reason, we guarantee that all orders are treated with the utmost professionalism by skilled florists and that the floral arrangements are delivered personally in impeccable condition.and on time..

The quality guarantee includes:

  • Delivery by the florist of the category of product ordered
  • Fresh flowers with impeccable quality
  • Adherence to delivery times
  • Billing at the price indicated on the day of delivery by the florist and on our website

In case of complaint, the recipient may address any complaint to the florist responsible for delivery. The later guarantees the quality of the product delivered for three days – 72 hours from receipt of delivery – and will exchange it if the flowers or plants are returned within this time period.

With this guarantee we wish to assure you of the care and professionalism we take in handling your order. If the delivery or the quality of the shipment is not to your entire satisfaction, we kindly ask you to inform us of your complaint either via our website or by email, at the latest within three days of the date of delivery.

All orders are handled and produced exclusively by professional florists from the network.

It goes without saying that any data required to process your order will remain confidential and will not be transferred to third parties.

We do not store credit card numbers on our servers. Credit cards are debited immediately following each order via an encrypted connection with the credit card companies.


As flowers are a seasonal product, unfortunately we do not always have the entire diverse range of flowers that exist available, not even at the online flower market of

For last minute orders, availability of the entire choice of flowers at all the florist members of the worldwide network cannot be guaranteed.

In this regard, the composition of a bouquet may differ slightly from the bouquet appearing in the photograph. At the same time, each bouquet ordered through is made up in an individual manner, locally and at the last possible moment by highly-qualified florists. They will make every effort to adhere as closely as possible to the design and colour of the bouquet illustrated.

Delivery calendar

Throughout the year except:

  • Sundays and public holidays: according to legal provisions, in principle no delivery is made on Sundays and official public holidays
  • Valentine's Day – 14th February: due to the considerable volume of orders placed on this day of flowers like no other, Valentine's Day orders may be subject to exceptional delivery from the 12th/13th February, this may apply especially to professional delivery addresses
  • For Mother's Day, orders placed during this period are generally delivery on the Saturday before. Last minute orders, on the other hand, will only be delivered on the Monday following Mother's Day
  • During the Christmas period and New Year, orders are generally delivered 1-2 days before the delivery date requested

Guaranteed delivery periods for your orders / Flowers all around the world in just a few hours is a member of the Teleflor International network which enables us to deliver your order anywhere in the world in just a few hours. Depending on the destination, one only has to take into consideration the time zones and the following aspects:

  • The time of delivery is only guaranteed for weddings and funerals
  • When our florist calls at the address, our florist member will attempt to deliver the flowers and, in the event that the recipient is absent, will leave a note to inform the recipient of his/her visit. The florist will then attempt to contact the recipient later by telephone. If the florist finds him/herself unable to deliver the flowers and unable to contact the recipient by telephone within 24 hours, we will be immediately informed of the non-delivery. You will then also be informed either by telephone or by email
  • In the event that the recipient is absent, the florist is authorised to leave the bouquet with a third party (for example a neighbour, at reception, a porter, at a funeral home etc.), insofar as the third party is able to pass the flowers to the recipient. The same applies to attachments (accompanying letter, present etc.) which may also have been entrusted to the florist
  • In the event that acceptance of the flowers delivered by the florist is refused, and for no exceptional reason on the part of the recipient, the order will be considered carried out and delivered and does give any right to a refund

Hours of operation

If a certain time period (morning/afternoon/evening) is desired for the order delivery, we must be informed of this at least 48 hours in advance.

The desired time of delivery is solely guaranteed in the event of burial. This being the case, we kindly ask our customers to notify us of the time of delivery as accurately as possible on the order form under the heading "delivery information".

Changes and right to cancel the order

All orders can be cancelled or modified up to two working days before the desired delivery date.

Beyond this period, a cancellation or modification of the order will not be accepted subject to feasibility. In such a case we do not guarantee the reimbursement of the order value.

Any order cancellation must be sent to us on the form on the contact page during the usual opening hours of our offices.

Customer service

Opening days :

From Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm / 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sunday: no delivery

Our customer service is at your disposal for any information concerning your order.


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